Sponsorships & Donations

Applying for a donation or a sponsorship

Partnering with Senwes

Thank you for your interest in partnering with the Senwes Group of companies. We make use of an online sponsorship request form to enable us to gather information and objectively evaluate all sponsorship opportunities. Before completing the form, please familiarise yourself with the summarised review of the Senwes sponsorship and donations policy on this page. The policy outlines our sponsorship criteria and exclusions, which are applicable to all Senwes business units across our geographic footprint.

1. Policy Summary
  • Senwes only supports initiatives that align with its core values, policies and objectives.
  • The focus for all sponsorships is the agricultural sector and industries and markets in which Senwes operates.
  • Events or activities that are exclusionary on the basis of race, religion, gender or disability will not be supported. Similarly, activities that are not consistent with the social justice principles of equity, access, participation, rights and accessibility for all groups in the community will not be considered.
  • Senwes does not sponsor individuals, individual schools and/or churches, but rather regional or provincial teams, tournaments, championships and formal organised events in which the broader public is involved.
  • Preference will be given to qualifying applications that speak to existing Senwes initiatives, such as the AVC Relief Umbrella (which encapsulates drought aid, flood aid, fire aid and humanitarian relief efforts such as food aid).
  • All projects and initiatives must be credible, relevant and must demonstrate legislative compliance.
  • All projects and initiatives must be non-competitive in nature and must encourage partnerships and cooperation.
2. Exclusions
  • Sponsorships that pose a conflict with the broader policies and practices of Senwes will not be considered.
  • Requests which include a single beneficiary only.
  • Tickets for competitions, lucky draws or other events where prizes may be won.
  • Competitions (i.e. beauty competitions).
  • Activities with cultural prejudice or any project which is in conflict with the South African Constitution.

Note: The Senwes Group shall consider all applications at its sole discretion and reserves the right to refuse any application. A previous sponsorship or donation does not mean that it shall be repeated.


AgriRewards+ in a nutshell

The Senwes Group automatically contributes a percentage of its profits to registered farmers’ associations, whose members are AgriRewards members, based on the business conducted by these members with participating companies in the Senwes Group.

This cash benefit is funded by the Senwes Group and is in addition to current benefits allocated to AgriRewards members. AgriRewards+ provides a structured manner to channel donations to communities with the farmers’ association as the conduit.

AgriRewards members register their farmers’ associations for this extra benefit on the Senwes app or AgriRewards website with a OneAgri account.

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