Group Strategy

“We believe in an inch-wide-mile-deep approach to strategy, rather than the other way around. We don't believe in extensive diversification down the value chain, but rather to diversify through commodity, geography, client base and brands. For us, strategy is more about what to say “NO” to, than what to say “YES” to. You are strategically lost if you do not know the difference between temptation and opportunity.”

- Senwes' Strategic Philosophy -

The Senwes Group

Strategic Goal, Focus and Objective

It is Senwes’ strategic goal to be an integrated agri-business and a significant role-player in the food value chain. The group’s strategy is therefore focused on growth and diversification through consolidation and integration within the agricultural and food value chain. The group’s strategy aims to create sustainable value for all stakeholders and for Senwes to become a preferred investment partner, employer, supplier and distribution channel, as well as a good corporate citizen.

Strategic Evolution

Senwes’ strategic evolution not only highlights how the different aspects of the business can be seen at the current point in time, but also indicates how each of these aspects are anticipated to transform in future.

Where we are:
  • Integrated financial product offering within the agri-market and a local agri-focused insurance solution;
  • Agricultural retail business and input supplier;
  • Equipment solutions for our customer base;
  • Integrated storage solutions deployed to producers / customers;
  • Integrated grain market intelligence business supporting the core business by high probability trading, client support, selling grain on an ex-silo basis and decision-making regarding stock.
Where we are going:
  • Fully integrated financial services group with an expanded product range that reaches a national footprint and provides tailored client and business-to-business solutions, driven by an integrated approach;
  • Integrated input solutions and rural services linked to agri-advice;
  • Equipment solutions, showcasing more diversified products, supplied to a national and international market;
  • Storage solutions integrated with logistics and finance to deliver an end-to-end service;
  • Integrated grain market intelligence business providing risk and financial management support to clients.
Senwes’ strategy is based on six strategic focus areas

Strategic Focus Areas

Diversification, horizontal integration and consolidation

Diversification, expansion and/or consolidation by means of product and services offering, operational activities, commodities, client base, infrastructure, market segment, geography and/or mergers and acquisitions.

Increased investment in efficiencies in the value chain

Maintain a specialised focus on the parts of the value chain where Senwes operates to identify and implement projects that will enhance efficiencies and ensure improved service delivery.

Internal integration of the customer

Improved customer relationships and consequent retention of customers. Obtain new customers. Obtain an increased share of the customer’s wallet spent across the Senwes Group by offering a fully integrated business solution rather than a once-off product and/or service.

Reorganisation of business models

Reorganisation and/or restructuring of the group in such a manner that it is optimally positioned for growth and expansion.

Unlocking value synergies

Identify the untapped benefits of shared corporate functions and operational efficiencies, by means of co-ordination between business units, joint ventures, corporate support divisions and shared services across the group. Unlock the benefits of shared corporate functions and operational efficiencies to the benefit of the Senwes Group.


Diversify shareholders’ income streams. De-risking to lower risk jurisdictions. Given the uncertain economic and political conditions in South Africa, the focus is currently on international investment/acquisition transactions.