Board of Directors

Responsibility and Members

Role of the Senwes Board of Directors

  • The core purpose of the company (its strategic intent and objectives as a business enterprise);
  • Its values (its organisational behaviour and norms to achieve its purpose);
  • Risks and opportunities;
  • Strategy, and business model;
  • Performance targets; and
  • Sustainable development.
The board is responsible for setting the direction for the realisation of the company’s core purpose and values through its strategy. The board assumes responsibility for the following:
  • Retaining full and effective control over the Company and monitoring Management in implementing Board plans and strategies;
  • Ensuring ethical behaviour and compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, audit and accounting principles and the Company's own policies, governing documents and codes of conduct;
  • Striving to act above and beyond the minimum requirements and benchmark performance against international best practices and to not only comply in practice, but be seen to comply;
  • Defining levels of materiality, thereby reserving specific powers to the Board and delegating other matters with the necessary written authority to management and instituting effective mechanisms that ensure Board responsibility for Management performance of its functions;
  • Acting responsibly towards the company's relevant stakeholders; and
  • Being aware of and committing to the underlying principles of good governance.

Having regard to its role, the Board must focus continuously on the key elements of the governance process underpinning the operation of the Company, with particular attention to the prevailing Codes on Corporate Governance and best practices