2022/23 Financial Year

Senwes Integrated Report 2023 Portal

The 2023 Integrated Report portal features the reporting suite, salient features, a financial results debriefing video, and the ability to generate your own integrated report.

Corporate Reports

  • As at 31 October 2023

    Interim Report 2023/24

    The condensed consolidated interim results of Senwes Limited (“the company”) as at, and for the six months ended 31 October 2023, comprise the company, all its subsidiaries, jointly controlled entities and associates (jointly referred to as “the group”).

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  • As at 31 October 2023

    Press Release

    For the six months ended 31 October 2023, the group reported a turnover of R7 902 million, earnings after tax attributable to shareholders of the company of R525 million, and normalised earnings of 301,6 cents per share.

    Press Release
  • As at 31 October 2023


    The group delivered a satisfying interim result for the period ended 31 October 2023. The group was able to take advantage of favourable agricultural conditions in combination with the implementation of efficiency programmes, and minimised the impact of macro-economic challenges like higher interest rates and higher inflation.

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  • As at 31 October 2023

    Radio Interviews with Francois Strydom

    Listen to the radio interviews with Francois Strydom, Group Chief Executive, commenting on the interim results of the Senwes Group.

    RSG Interview
    OFM Interview
  • As at 31 October 2023

    Group CEO and CFO discuss the Interim Results

    Watch the video in which Francois Strydom, Senwes Group Chief Executive Officer, and Carl Klingenberg, Senwes Group Chief Financial Officer, break down the financial results for the six months ended October 31, 2023.

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  • As at 31 October 2023

    Interim Report 2023/24

    The condensed consolidated interim results of Agribel Holdings Limited (“the company”) as at, and for the six months ended 31 October 2023, comprise the company, all its subsidiaries, jointly controlled entities and associates (jointly referred to as “the group”).

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  • As at 31 October 2023

    Newspaper Advertisement

    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the board of directors of the company declared an interim dividend (no. 49) of 37 cents per share on 7 December 2023 for the period ended 31 October 2023.

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  • From Farm Gate to Mill Door

    The Nature of our Business

    Understanding our business model, material risks, strategy and consequently the sector in which we operate, helps potential investors make informed decisions

    Material Risks associated with our Business

    We recognise that there are several material risks that could impact our success, including political and economic risks, credit, liquidity, and market risks, commodity price risk, market size and market share risk, weather and climate risk, theft and fraud risk, urbanisation, scarcity, and retention of skills risk, transition and customer risk, information technology - systems and cyber risk, unique competitor risk, environmental and health and safety risk, diversification and agricultural industry risk, and regulation and compliance risk.

    These risks can impact our financial performance, operations and reputation. We are committed to proactively managing these risks and taking appropriate measures to mitigate the impact thereof on our business.

    How we Operate and Generate Value

    As an agribusiness, Senwes operates across multiple segments of the agricultural value chain, focusing on serving agri-producers and food processors with a comprehensive suite of services to support their operations. The company' vertically integrated business model and geographically distributed footprint allows us to capture value through diversified revenue streams, reducing our dependence on any single market or product.

    At its core Senwes is positioned between the farm gate and the mill door where we focus on (1) enabling producers through the provision of financial and other support services, input products, and the procurement, storage and sale of grains and oilseeds, to maximise their yields and profitability; and (2) providING food processors with solutions related to their procurement needs.

    Our Strategic Approach and Goal

    Senwes' strategic philosophy is centred around a focused and selective approach to strategy, avoiding extensive diversification and instead diversifying through commodity, geography, client base and brands. The company believes that saying "no" to opportunities that do not align with its strategic goals is just as important as saying "yes" to those that do.

    Our strategic goal is to become an integrated agri-business and a significant player in the food value chain by pursuing growth and diversification through consolidation and integration within the agricultural and food value chain. We aim to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders and become a preferred investment partner, employer, supplier and distribution channel, as well as a good corporate citizen

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