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At the heart of our strategy and operations lies a strong commitment to sustainable management. This is crucial for ensuring that Senwes remains a sustainable business entity in the long run. Our goal is not only to ensure the sustainability of our business but also to contribute to the stability and equity of society and the preservation of the natural environment. To achieve this, we take into account the impact of our actions on society and the environment and develop strategies to minimise negative effects and maximise positive ones. By doing so, we remain conscious of our responsibility to create a better world for future generations.

Established in 2014, Thobo Trust operates as an independent trust and serves as Senwes' strategic partner for BBBEE and socio-economic development. The beneficiaries of the trust are primarily made up of Senwes employees, farm workers, emerging farmers and communities located in rural areas where Senwes conducts business.

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Our Approach to Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility

Senwes is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen that contributes to the sustainable development of communities and society as a whole. The company aligns its initiatives with the government's development priorities and is passionate about making a positive impact on the rural areas in which it operates. Senwes understands that the sustainability of shareholder value is based on how it conducts business, treats employees, and impacts the environment and communities.

Strategic Corporate Social Investment

Senwes' approach to corporate social investment is guided by a strategic framework that prioritises forward-looking, integrated, and sustainable interventions. Our strategy seeks to:
  • Initiate and support the innovative solutions to community problems and needs;
  • Engage with communities at the grassroots level;
  • Support community interventions that have a broader, sustainable impact in the long term;
  • Empower communities by leveraging their resources and potential for self-development;
  • Provide opportunities and support for our employees to contribute to community development;
  • Collaborate with the community, government, NGOs, and other businesses in a consultative manner to maximise impact.

Key Focus Areas

Senwes seeks to develop people continuously and equip them with technical and life skills that will enable them to create and take advantage of opportunities, thereby improving their standard of living and ensuring that they experience a better future. Key focus areas include:
  • Education
    • Early childhood Development;
    • Technological Development ;
    • Tertiary education support.
  • Sports
    • Cricket training and coaching;
    • Sports infrastructure and resources.
  • Food Safety
    • Vegetable gardens;
    • Subsistence farming.
  • Welfare
    • Access to learning resources;
    • Sports infrastructure and resources.

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Building Sustainable Futures

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Our mission is to promote the sustainable development of rural communities by enhancing education, food security, sports, and infrastructure.